Day 11 - In Returning Comes Rest, Saving, Confidence & Trust


Wow, today was an extremely hard plow! I finally realize why; since 2000 I have been heralding this present reformation. It's been nineteen years of hard labor, pioneering a new way forward or back - - - to God's original intent.  Pioneering is hard work, most of the time you are all alone and misunderstood, it takes a great deal from you. 

That's why this season is so precious to we wait in His Presence and turn our focus to Him we will be saved, quietness and confidence will be our strength.

Are you part of the reformation remnant - those returning to the Ancient Paths of New Testament life, mission, and purpose Jesus set up?

Forever Grateful,


History of Restorational Moves of God

Today, we are looking at the restoration moves or reformations that have taken place since the time of Christ.

Isaiah 30:15 For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In returning [to Me] and resting [in Me] you shall be saved; in quietness and in [trusting] confidence shall be your strength. But you would not.

  • Returning: H7729 From H7725; a return: - returning. H7725 A primitive root; to turn back (hence, away); call [to mind]; repent, requite, rescue, restore, retrieve, (cause to, make to) return.

The greatest reformation occurred during the transition from the Old to New Testament; basically there were four hundred years of silence. John the Baptist came on the scene as the forerunner declaring ‘repent’ for the Kingdom of God is at hand and ‘there is One coming’ - the Messiah who will take away the sins of the world.

Jesus was the most radical reformer there has ever been; its important for us to understand that Jesus and John lived under the sacrificial system of worship (OT). The four Gospels recount the life of Jesus and His followers. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus after He was baptized by John and every miraculous act performed by Him was done so as a man empowered by the Spirit under the old order / system of worship.

It wasn’t UNTIL He took His place as the sacrificial Lamb of God that everything CHANGED! The ULTIMATE Passover Lamb had been slain therefore there was no longer a need to offer sacrifices for sin on the brazen altar.

Of course, the religious leaders of the day hated Jesus and the call that was upon His life. Why, because Jesus came to ‘replace’ the old order or worship system. Not only was Jesus their Passover Lamb, He was their Unleavened Bread and the First-fruits offering - the first one to be resurrected from the dead. Therefore, the old order or sacrificial worship was NO LONGER NEEDED! The was a NEW WAY to approach God!

During the days of the Feast of Weeks, after Jesus’ resurrection, he appeared to many teaching them the things of the kingdom of God - the Church Age began at Pentecost. Unfortunately, the NEW WAY of worship, the Church that Jesus established through His apostles only lasted until the 4th Century. 

During the reign of Constantine I, a Roman Emperor who ruled between 306 and 337 AD the New Testament Church that Jesus instituted and the apostle and prophets built upon was greatly shifted. Since this time God has been reforming the Church through restoration / reformational moves of God.

1500  Protestant Movement: Salvation by grace through faith. (Eph. 2:8-9)

1600  Evangelical Movement: Water baptism, separation of Church & state.

1700  Holiness Movement: Sanctification, the Church set apart from the world.

1800  Faith Healing Movement: Divine healing for the physical body, healing in the atonement.

1900  Pentecostal Movement: Holy Spirit baptism with speaking in tongues, gifts of the Holy Spirit.

1950  Latter Rain Movement: Prophetic presbytery, singing praises and melodious praise.

1950  Deliverance Evangelism: Evangelist ministry and mass evangelism reactivated.

1960  Charismatic Movement: Renewal of all restored truth to all past movement churches. Pastors were restored to being sovereign head of their local churches.

1970  Faith Movement: Faith Confession, prosperity and victorious attitude and life. Teacher ministry reestablished as a major fivefold minister.

1988  Prophetic Movement: Prophetic, activating gifts, warfare praise, prophets to nations.  Prophet ministry was restored and a company of prophets brought forth.

(late 90's until Now): Apostolic Movement Miraculous signs and wonders, apostolic ministry, and unity, great harvest of souls.  Apostle ministry being restored to bring divine order and structure, finalize restoration of fivefold ministers.     

[Taken from pg. 107 Apostles & Prophets & the Coming Moves of God by Dr. Bill Hamon]


(Taken from Apostles & Prophets and the Coming Moves of God by Dr. Bill Hamon pages105-106)

  1. Divine enlightenment and revelation knowledge of the new truths and ministries.

  2. The transition from occasional individuals to a consistent company.

  3. New divine authority and anointing for establishing the new truths and ministries.

  4. A small beginning in an insignificant place and then covering the earth.

  5. Power to reproduce by teaching, training, activating and maturing the saints in its truths and ministries.

  6. Practiced and publicized until controversial, contested and then finally accepted.

  7. New songs, choruses, and other music portraying the restoration message.

We are in another reformational move of God; we are seeing signs of this happening. The One New Man movement; embracing our Hebraic roots is sweeping the earth is one sign. The rising of the Ekklesia is another sign. The transition from church mentality (going to a place) to BEING the Church those who represent the Kingdom of God on the earth.

However, so much more needs to shift to bring the Church back to God’s original design. There is a remnant moving in this reformation but the Spirit wants to bring many more into this new move of God.

Jesus is visiting His people calling us back to the Ancient Paths of New Testament life, mission, and purpose.

Our scripture today says, in returning and rest we shall be saved; in quietness and trust is your strength.

  • Saved: H3467 be delivered, to be liberated, be saved, be victorious, to save from moral troubles, to give victory to

  • Strength: H1369 force (literally or figuratively); by implication valor, victory: - force, mastery, might, mighty (act, power), power, strength.

Refreshing - Renewal - Restoration / Reformation

  • restoration movement is when God sovereignly chooses to restore certain major truths, ministries and spiritual experiences that have not been active since the early years of the Church.

  • Holy Spirit refreshings and renewals do not restore major truths or ministries to the corporate Church, but they do bring supernatural spiritual experiences into the lives of individuals believers.

  • Revivals, refreshings and renewals happen every so often in the Church, often just before a restorational- reformational movement. (Quote Apostles & Prophets & the Coming Moves of God by Dr. Bill Hamon, pgs.8-9)


  • Read: Acts 2:40-47, write down the key elements the early Church demonstrated.

  • Repent: If you have strayed for the Ancient Paths of New Testament life, mission, and purpose.

  • Pray for reformation…for the Church to walk in the fullness of New Testament Christianity…pray through your notes from Acts 2:40-47

  • Cry Out for Revival for God’s Presence to invade your life, church, city and this nation!

  • Wait in His Presence, get under the spout of heaven! Listen, write down whatever Holy Spirit speaks to you.

  • Listen to Revival by Robin Mark, Revival in Belfast: 

So repent (change your mind and purpose); turn around and return [to God], that your sins may be erased (blotted out, wiped clean), that times of refreshing (of recovering from the effects of heat, of reviving with fresh air) may come from the presence of the Lord. - Acts 3: 19 (AMP)

OH, THAT You would rend the heavens and that You would come down, that the mountains might quake and flow down at Your presence--As when fire kindles the brushwood and the fire causes the waters to boil--to make Your name known to Your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Your presence! - Isaiah 64:1-2