Day 4 - Wind & Fire

Dear Flaming Ones,

This morning I receive this prophetic word from the Spirit of the Lord. "There is a fresh wind of My Spirit blowing says the Lord, a fresh fire is being kindled within you. Lift up your hands, receive of My wind, receive fresh fire, new empowerment for this season. My angelic host comes as the wind, listen for their coming! When you hear them present release your decrees, release My Word of reformation. For I am in the process of restoring what was lost, what was distorted and twisted in the last season.

Lift up your eyes, lift up your hands and receive of My Spirit. for in this hour you can hear what you couldn't hear in the past. You can see what you haven't been able to see and you can fulfill your long awaited dreams say, God.

Lift up your eyes for My redemption, My restoration is at hand, says the Lord."

Lifting up Hands, Receiving Fresh Fire,


Day 4 - Wind & Fire

Angels at the Ready

And of the angels, He says, "who makes his angels winds, and his ministers a flame of fire."  - Hebrews 1:7

You make your angels winds and your servants' flames of fire - Psalms 104:4  (GB)

  •  Angels: a messenger, to tell or announce, to dispatch as a deputy, to bring tidings.
  • Wind: a current of air, that is, breath (blast) or a breeze; by analogy or figuratively a spirit, an angel.
  • Flame: (to “flash” or “flame”); a blaze: - flame (-ing).         

Word of the Lord

“Angels coming as divine winds will spread and amplify the fiery words that will proceed from the mouth of the Lord's messengers. Throughout the ministry of the Lord Himself, we discover angelic activity that surrounded His life. Likewise, substantial activity will accompany the ministers of the Lord from the Heavenly host to help bring to maturity and orchestrate readiness in this generation for the divine visitation promised to it. 

People will discover with great surprise the far-reaching effects their words will have as the angels carry anointed messages to the far corners of the earth. The word of the Lord that proceeds from anointed vessels will be transported and conveyed by the winds of these angels to strategic individuals and regions with transforming impact.” Shepherd's Rod 2004 Bob Jones & Paul Keith Davis

Open our eyes, Lord!

Open my eyes so that I may contemplate wondrous things from your instruction - Psalms 119:18( CSB)

 What does the Bible say?

Read: I Chronicles 14:14-17 angels manifested as sound in the Mulberry trees.

Adam Clarke’s Commentary says, A sound of going - “When thou shalt hear the sound of the angels coming to thy assistance, then go out to battle; for an angel is sent from the presence of God, that he may render thy way prosperous.”

 Action: Meditate on this passage. Inquire of the Lord regarding a situation you are facing. Wait for His instructions, obey what He says and expect angelic assistance.

Decree: “I loose the troops of heaven to fight alongside me.” pg. 192, Angel Armies