Day 11 – Name & Identity Change

Dear Heaven Dwellers,

 We are in week 2 / day 11 of the Feast of Weeks, praying you are being blessed by the daily word. 

FYI: Each devotional is set up with 7 components:

#1 opening scripture (Col. 1:16-17) this lays our foundation for angelic activity...all things are from Jesus and for Him.

#2 main topic of devotion 

#3 prophetic word from the Lord

#4 open my eyes…we need our eyes to be fully opened so we can see into the heavenly realm. Each day we are looking at a different translation of Ps. 119:18

#5 what does the Bible say, read the passage of scripture related to our main topic

#6 Action.... do the Word!

#7 decree...SAY what you believe to happen.

Dweller with God,



Day 11 – Name & Identity Change

Wrestling with God

For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. - Colossians 1:16 -17

On the Way To Becoming a Changed Man

Jacob after 20 years of being in the service of his father in law finally gets free to begin his life in the land of

promise. But before that transpires he must become a new man; he must deal with his past conniving ways with his

brother Esau and wrestle with an angel to get a new name. A new name denotes a new identity!

Another Angel Encounter

Genesis 32:1 Now as Jacob went on his way, the angels of God met him. Jacob said when he saw them, "This is God's camp." So he named that place Mahanaim. (2 camps = camp of men & camp of angels)

On his promise land journey Jacob once again encounters angels but this time he’s awake and realizes they are ‘at the ready’ available to aid him on his transformation.

Jacobs fears for his life and the life of his family, livestock, servants, everything he holds dearSo, he prayers

Jacob said, "O God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac, O LORD, who said to me, 'Return to your country and to your relatives, and I will prosper you,' I am unworthy of all the lovingkindness and of all the faithfulness which You have shown to Your servant; for with my staff only I crossed this Jordan, and now I have become two companies. Deliver me, I pray, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau; for I fear him, that he will come and attack me andthe mothers with the children."For You said, 'I will surely prosper you and make your descendants as the sand of the sea, which is too great to be numbered....So he spent the night there (Gen. 32:9-13) 

Jacobs sends his family on the other side of the river and decides to spend the night at (Jabbok = emptying). At this place of emptying he wrestles with the angel until daybreak. Jacob is determined to receive his new identity he will not let the angel go until he is blessed. The angels blesses him with a new name; your no shall no longer be Jacob = supplanter but it shall be Israel = God prevails - Prince of God. Therefore he called the name of that place Peniel = “facing God”

Word of the Lord

Come to the river of Jabbok, emptying, says the Lord. Let Me wash away all striving, all uncertainties, everything

that has held you back from fully embracing your true identity. Meet me face to face and as I did with Jacob I will

do so with you. A transformation awaits you, you can go from a scared frightened or reluctant individual to one full

of faith and hope for the future. Glorious things await, come into My presence and let me strengthen and renew you

for the magnificent times ahead!

Open our eyes, Lord!    God desires our eyes to be open to see His heavenly realm. Ponder this verse daily, a different translation of the Bible is being used to help you gain a greater understand God’s delight to show you His realm.

Open my eyes so that I will observe amazing things from your instruction. - Psalms 119:18 (ISV) 


What does the Bible say?

Read: Genesis 32 

Action: Meet God face to face, wait in His presence! Ask Holy Spirit to remove any supplanting in you. Ask for the removal of everything in you that is not a part of your true identity. Ask for angelic assistance in becoming your true self.

Decree: We decree we are moving into a new season! Angels are assisting our transformation into new sharp threshing instruments for the Kingdom of God.