Day 27 - Let My People Go!

Breaking the Back of Religion 

Day 27 representing preaching the gospel, restoration, and prophesy.

The Almighty is in the restoration business; first our relationship with Him was restored through Jesus; He took as back to the Garden - back to God's original intent for mankind. As we walk through life with Jesus we come to realized we have many issues in our souls, bodies, relationships, finances that need to be healed and restored. Each time as we call out to Him he hears our cry and brings restoration. We thank you for restoring our lives, our families, all that concerns us we are grateful.

Not only is our Lord in the personal restoration business but He is restoring His divine plan given by the prophets from ancient time. He has a heavenly blueprint for the earth, for the Church and for nations man has muddy it with their agendas but He is righting the ship and restoring things back to divine order.

Acts 3:21  Whom heaven must receive until the time for the complete restoration of all that God spoke by the mouth of all His holy prophets for ancient time.

Know this says the Lord, I AM that I AM, no man can withstand My Hand, My divine shake up! Think it not strange in this hour that the plan of man is being revealed. I am bringing things into the light. I am exposing the Pharaohs in the Church. I am exposing the evil intent, the back room handshakes in the political arena. I am exposing the corruption in the 7 Spheres of society. I am shaking things up and taking things back and putting them into right order. As you see these things take place don't coil up and retreat in this hour but rejoice and press in to My divine Plan.

Josiah reformation principles continue...

He initiates A Warfare Against The Religious Spirit In The Land

2Ch 34:4-6  They tore down the altars of the Baals in his presence, and the incense altars that were high above them he chopped down; also the Asherim, the carved images and the molten images he broke in pieces and ground to powder and scattered it on the graves of those who had sacrificed to them. Then he burned the bones of the priests on their altars and purged Judah and Jerusalem. In the cities of Manasseh, Ephraim, Simeon, even as far as Naphtali, in their surrounding ruins.

In the Church the Lord is in the midst of tearing down what has hindered or blocked, perverted His original design. We are in a Jeremiah 1:10 season... to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant. 

Josiah launched a strong and sustained warfare against all the false religious structures throughout the land. This too is an essential process in every genuine reformation move of God.

He Repairs The House Of The Lord

2 Chronicles 34:8, 10 ….to repair the house of the Lord & …to repair and restore the house.
1st scripture: ‘repair’ is ‘chazaq’: to make impenetrable, to strengthen by making a resolute, to be firm, strong, and prevailing.

2nd scripture: ‘repair’ is ‘badaq’: to close up the breaches, to mend up the gaps. 

The combination of both words effectively describes the dynamic process of building that takes place in the reformation. The words describe the spectrum of the impact of a reformation move.

All the gaps or deficiencies in the operating procedures of the Church are effectively corrected. All wounds or damages in the Church, which dilute the representation of Christ must be sealed up. The Church must be the coherent, unified, powerful and single demonstrator of the majesty and glory of God to a dying humanity. The breaches must be closed.

The character of the Church, which has been subverted into weakness, compromise and fear by the invasions of religious and fleshly mentalities, must be redefined according to biblical standards and returned to apostolic strength.

The resolve, strength, boldness and courage, which characterized the Church at its birthing on the Day of Pentecost, must be returned to the hearts of the saints.  

He Releases Impartations That Equip The Entire Body.

2 Chron. 34:10-11 …put it in the hand of the foreman, who had the oversight of the house of the Lord…they put it in the workmen who worked in the house…to repair and restore the house.

They gave it to the craftsman and builders to buy hewn stone and timber for beams, and to floor the houses which the Kings of Judah had destroyed.

- Foreman: are pastors and elders who give oversight to local house of God
- Workmen: are the activated saints who do the work of the Kingdom.
- Craftsman & builders: are the apostolic and prophetic resources that are called forth in the nations into full realization and expression, by the leaders of the reformation whose voices are filling the earth.

It's important that we understand this season so when we see what appears to be chaos in the land or within the Church; it's actually God's divine order of rooting out, pulling down, destroying, throwing down the enemies who have rooted themselves over many years whose sole aim has been to divert the Church from God's original intent.

We are in a major reformation this year – from our house to the Church house the Lord is taking his sword, his plumbline and dropping it down into the midst of the religious system that has held His people captive and robbed Him of true worship. He is declaring from heaven, Let My people GO!

Read: 2 Chr. 34:4-33
Take Action: Let My People Go!
* Ask Holy Spirit to reveal any religious way in you. 
* Repent & renounce walking in a religious spirit.
* Ask for a fresh outpouring of the Fire of God's presence in your life.
* Ask Abba to continue the reformation process in the Church until she reflects His Glory.
* Find your place in God's Body and receive a fresh impartation of His grace.

Declare: The people of God are being released from Pharaohs grip. I am being released from a religious system that's has bound me to the ways of men instead the Way of God. Freedom is at hand!

Freedom Rings, Hear the Sound!