Day 23 - Reformation Is At Hand!

Embracing Apostolic Transitions

Day 23 has arrived; 23 represents prosperity, abundance, plenty, wealth. We are in the biblical Ayin Zayin; some of the words associated with Zayin are gold, abundance, fullness and the tribe of Zebulon. This tribe is linked with bestowing blessing and with the ability to break iniquity off of trade structures and multiply. Whose ready to multiple?

Behold, I will bring to it (city) health and healing, and I will heal them (God’s people); and I will reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth. I will restore the fortunes (bring out of captivity to a state of prosperity)... - Jer 33:6-7 

The Lord says, in this time of reversal we can see our health, our peace and any captivity in our life brought to a place of abundance.  I am ready to bestow blessings from above and give you the strategies needed to break iniquity off of your bloodline and your finances. Ask Me for wisdom on how to multiply in area arena of life. This is an hour My people can see negativity in their lives take an 180 degree turn; from curses to blessings, from sickness to health; from anxiety to peace; from fear to faith. Victory is your portion!

What is Reformation?

 A reformation has certain peculiar characteristics that the modern Church has to come to terms with and begin to understand. It is not a ‘manifestational’ move of God in which something unexpected happens, and people are blessed by immediate movements of the Spirit.

A reformation is change, it means to form again, a reconstruction which brings a better order of things; back to the original intent. [the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory, etc.]

A reformation has to be received as revelation from heaven and progressively built upon the earth. It takes by willing faith-filled [political leaders; spiritual leaders and saints]…This is KEY!

If we do not understanding that a radical reform is taking place in our nation we will get caught up in the media hype and fall into fear.  Major fear – the spirit of fear seeks to grip people’s hearts in this hour. But we must realize the Lord HIMSELF is orchestrating this divine turnaround!


  • Recognize The Past But Look Forward To The Future
  • Gain Understanding
  • Understanding brings a willingness to make changes
  • Embrace The Future – Partnership

We need to be like the sons of the sons of Issachar in this season; people who understood the times and gain knowledge in what to do. (1Ch 12:32) 

Read: Nehemiah 9-10; Jdgs. 5:2; Proverbs 4:1

Take Action: Ask Holy Spirit to empower you, spiritual leaders and the political leaders of the land to make the necessary changes needed so reformation can fully manifest in your life, the Church and in this nation.


* I honor the past but look forward to the reformation at hand!

* As a nation we will make the necessary changes to get back to God’s original intent for America. Neither political correctness, social justice, or party politics will be able to stop God from reforming this country.