Day 29 - Connect Heaven To Earth

 Understanding Vav and Zayin

It's day 29; the beginning of week 5. This week we will look into the 'crowned vav' portion of the 2017 prophetic word. God said, this will be a year the vav is crowned with authority! (Ps. 110, Ps. 149) this associated with the tongue and praise.

29 represents departure, it depicts the covering of ones house into something new.

20 = crowning

9 = Holy Spirit, baptism of fire, gifts and fruit of.

The Lord says, your spiritual house is about to have a divine shift. Your coverings of yesterday are obsolete; the pharaoh system of religious 'dos & don'ts' hinder My kingdom cause. You are my vavs in the earth; connect heaven to earth. Take the authority that has been given and declare Kingdom of God, come! Will of God, be done!

We are in the Biblical year 5777 which stands for  Ayin Zayin.  Recently I came across an article entitled 5777/2017: Year of The Crowned Sword & Divine Reset By Joni Ames

Let's look at how she explains this year.

- Ayin means: eyes opened; to see; to be awake. That is for all of the 5770's, with increasing awakening and awareness each year.

- Vav means: hook, peg, pin, fasten, connect.

- Zayin is a crowned Vav and means sword, strife, completeness, cut off, plow, circumcise.

So, as we enter into 5777, we remain in a time of greater awakening and our eyes being opened to truth as never before. There is enhanced discernment and revelation as a result. That alone brings a plumb line or dividing of truth from lies and hypocrisy.

Then we have the Vav, which is a hooking up to, connecting, securing, and fastening us to the hope and promises of God. The figure is that of a tent stake, which when put into the ground, lays hold of and claims that territory.

Now we have Zayin, a sword, a crowned Vav, which speaks of battles to be fought to obtain completion and perfecting of what God has promised. There's a plowing of territory, and a fighting through to victory that will occur. It indicates warfare to obtain the promised victory. And then rest.

 We must remember, the Word is a two edged sword. It's the greatest weapon we have....

Therefore, in this "Year of the sword," there is great potential for those who will get into and utilize their Sword - The Word of God - both The Written Word and prophetically - by using it to proclaim, declare, and "Vav" their victory.

Don't wimp out because of the battle. You were born for this. God didn't make a mistake in putting you here during this time. This is your "for such a time as this" time period.

If you'd like to read the whole article go to:

Read: Isaiah 22:15-22

Take Action: Ponder Is. 22 scripture, let Holy Spirit bring revelation to you. Embrace being a peg 'vav' a connector of heaven to earth.

Declare: This is the year of the crowned vav...God's authority will manifest in my life.