Day 5 - Eyes To See & Ears to Hear!

What Is God Saying?

Eyes to See and Ears To Hear…

The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The LORD has made both of them. - Proverbs 20:12

The word of the LORD came expressly to Ezekiel the priest… the hand of the LORD came upon him. - Ezekiel 1:3

Here’s the prophetic message the Lord gave Sharon for 2017. This prophetic word deals with us as individuals, the Body of Christ and the Nation of America.

The Lord said: In this crossing over season it's time for God's people the ' crowned vav' to take up the sword of the Lord and the seven-fold Spirit of God to legislate upon the earth the will of God given from heaven.

We, as Zerubbabel and Zachariah must use the power of the Spirit to bring the plumb line down from heaven into the earth. As in their day the enemy will seek to oppose and stop the government of God/the kingdom of God from manifesting in the earth.

We are in a major reformation this year – from our house to the White House the Lord is taking his sword, his plumb line and dropping it down into our lives and into this nation. He seeks to reform us, to reform this nation. The Lord aims to rebuild individuals as well as this nation so we reflect who he created us to be.  It's time for our true identities, our destiny to be realized. As a nation and as individuals (Body of Christ) the Lord is taking us back to his original intent (United States Constitution & Genesis mandate).

As a nation the Lord is in the midst of tearing down what has hindered or blocked, perverted His original design for America. We are in a Jeremiah 1:10 season; to root out, to pull down, to destroy, to throw down, to build, and to plant.

It's important that we understand this season so when we see what appears to be chaos in the land; it's actually God's divine order of rooting out, pulling down, destroying, throwing down the enemies who have rooted themselves over many years in this nation. There sole aim is / was to divert America from God's original intent.

For those of us that have been a part of the prayer moment for the last 16 years or so we are seeing the manifestation of our prayers for this nation. We can't stop now we must continue to press forward in intercession so that the process of rooting out, tearing down can have its complete work. Once the tearing down is complete the rebuilding will begin the enemies of America do not want this process to come to completion. They want the United States to remain the way it is but that is not God's intent and we must stand for what God wants for this nation.

Many of God's people have also been in a Jeremiah 1:10 season. The Lord has been rooting out, pulling down, throwing down, things in our lives which have hindered us from manifesting are true identities. This rooting out process is difficult but is necessary.

As we yield to the Holy Spirit this year we can see our lives transformed and our destinies realized. We can also begin to build those things which the Lord has put upon our hearts. We can become the planting of the Lord in the earth. God’s divine order and rest are being made available to us this year.

In this year of breakthrough, divine reversals can occur in our lives and nation. We can be empowered with the seven-fold Spirit of God and be infused with the fire of God.

This is the year of the firebrands; a firebrand is a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action. A firebrand can also be someone who creates unrest or strife (as in aggressively promoting a cause).

We can be a firebrand for good or for evil.  The enemy has been stirring up people to create unrest, riots, etc. rebellion is manifesting in the streets in our nation and around the world. The sole objective is to keep our nation from reforming.

Beware; this is the year of the schemer / plotter. We must not be caught unaware the enemy is roaming the earth seeking those he can manipulate to do his bidding.

An invitation from the Lord is being released for us to be firebrands / instruments of reformation in this hour. We are not to get caught up in the chaos but release the Shalom of the Lord.

We must allow the complete work of reformation to be finished in our lives. We must not resist the plumb line of the Lord this year it is meant to bring divine order in our life. As we properly align with his divine blueprint we will see things we have been longing for come to fruition.

The Lord is poised to aid us, to work on our behalf, angelic host are at the ready to assist us in this reformation process... it is not by our might or by our power but by the Holy Spirit we will see the full transformation in our lives and in this land.

This is a year to shine forth, to come out of isolation, out of obscurity into the light. It's a year for the glory of the Lord to be seen upon us. We are the crowned vav we are being given the opportunity to take the scepter of the Lord which represents his authority and yield it upon the earth. (Psalms 110 & 149)

We are to take our spiritual weapons especially praise and the Word of God and use them against the demonic that oppose the plan of God for our lives and for nation. Praise is a mighty weapon and a key element to our victory.  Judah (apostolic war tribe) is essential for this hour. As we take our spiritual weapons to pull down, root out, we will then be given the plow – the tools to build and to plant His kingdom.

This is a year to embrace God’s appointed times (mo’eds).  There are 3 specific perpetual feasts found in the Bible; Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. I like to call them ‘God Made’ celebrations. If we want to receive all God has for us during this year it’s vital we come to understand their significance for our lives.

This is also a year to remember, to call to mind what the Lord has accomplished for us through the Cross. When the opportunity to complain comes we must call to mind what the Lord has done for us and what He is doing in our nation. Choose To Speak Words Of Life Not Judgement, Death, Condemnation Or Fear.

Selah – Pause And Think On These Things!


Read: Reread the prophetic word highlighting parts Holy Spirit illuminates to you!

 "Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days-- You would not believe if you were told. - Habakkuk 1:5

Take Action:

  • Wait in God’s presence let Him speak to you!
  • Write down specific things Holy Spirit highlighted to you in the word
  • If conviction came, repent and to do whatever is being asked of you.
  • If you have made judgments against the new administration of the United States, repent!
  • Ask Holy Spirit to give you fresh eyes to see what He is doing in the Land. Bless the president and his administration.
  • Determine to let the light of the Lord shine through you today and every day!

Declare: The Lord is doing something in my life and in this nation that will be astounding. He is doing a new thing in me, in my family, in the Church and in this Nation…I believe it!