Day 4 - Living In Two Worlds!

What is God Saying - Revelation By the Hebraic Humbers!

 Living In Two Worlds…

Yesterday we received God’s prophetic message through the Gregorian numbers for 2017. Today, we will look at the prophetic message found in the Hebraic numbers for 5777 (Biblical year which started last September)

First, though I would like to address an issue which was brought to my attention this week. As Hebraic believers we live in 2 worlds which affect our calendars, our celebrations and often our relationships.

In the natural will live by the Gregorian calendar which is based on the sun and was given by man – today is April 15th, 2017. The Hebraic / Biblical calendar was given by God and is based on the moon – today is 19 Nissan, 5777.

In regards to religious holidays most of the Church celebrates those instituted by Constantine I. During this season these include Palm Sunday which begins holy week and includes Good Friday and Easter.

In the Biblical calendar Holy Week began last Thursday 10 Nissan (April 6th) the day Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. We know this because Scripture gives an exact date the lamb was to be examined 10 Nissan. (Ex. 12) According to Scripture (Ex.12) Jesus our Passover Lamb was to be crucified 15 Nissan between Noon – 3:00 PM which occurred this year on April 11th, 2017. We know Jesus could not have been crucified on a Friday due to the fact Scripture tells us he was in the grave for 3 nights and 3 days (Mt. 12:40). When you do the math a Good Friday scenario doesn’t work so therefore a Sunday morning (Easter) resurrection doesn’t work either.

I give these facts not to dimension how the Church celebrates religious holidays. Jesus was the Passover Lamb crucified, the Unleavened Bread buried, and the First fruits (resurrection) for humanity. All of these were foretold by the prophets and specific dates were given for each event in the Bible.

More often than not our Gregorian and Hebraic worlds collide especially in regards to our relationship with family and friends during religious holidays. So, what then? How should we live?

Acts 24:16 gives us the answer: I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.

For me and my household, we believe God is calling His people back to His original intent, His ancient paths, His instituted celebrations / feasts.  Therefore we choose to celebrate the Feasts of the Lord, not to do so would be sin. (James 4:17) and when our conscience allows we celebrate religious holidays with our family.

Take courage my friends, live out your conscience and always, always bless those who do not understand why you embrace the Hebraic Life.

What is God saying through the Hebraic numbers?

5777 Hebraic year began in late September (2016) - In Hebrew, letters were originally pictures each letter has a meaning.  There is one 5 and three 7’s in this numeric sequence. 5 = grace and responsibility,

3 = completeness, fullness, divine perfection, union. And 7 = completeness, fullness, spiritual perfection, rest, oath, and wholeness

 5700 = ‘May it be the year of’… Ayin Zayin

70 = Ayin represents the prophetic season we are in [10 year season which began in 2010] 

  • Ayin is picture of an eye: ‘to see’ ‘to watch’ ‘well’ ‘spring’ ‘angels & the supernatural are also connected to Ayin.      

  • 70 represents empowerment and release (Num. 11 & Lk 10)

7 = Zayin is a picture of a Sword. It’s a vav (6 = man) crowned with authority.

  • Vav = light from God to man

  • Zayin = light from man to God

Zayin pictures a coronation, crowning, scepter and new authority given to the vav (man)

Zayin means weapon or sword but derives from a root that means sustenance or nourishment. Sometimes in order to be nourished and rest we must engage in warfare.

Seven is used to divide and cut time. It’s associated with the Sabbath a day we set aside time to worship and be refreshed. When we honor the Sabbath we can get more day in an hour than we could in a day.

The ancient pictorial of 7 is a plow which represents ‘harvest’ and food. We are in a harvest season!

Zayin words: winnow, shake, be agitated, tremble, quake (earthquake), boil up, seethe, storm, rage. ..A year the sword of enemy will arise but also a year Jesus as Mighty Warrior is arising (Rev 19:11-16) through His people.

More Zayin words: arise, shine, rising, coming forth, Brightness, be clear, be light, bright, refine, clean, pure.

This is a year to arise & shine, to illuminate, for things to come into the light. It’s time to get our houses cleaned out and our hearts purified.

Even more Zayin words: remember, think, consider, spark, firebrand, flaming arrows. 

This year is about CHOICE…making decisions based on what God is saying and doing not on what we want, or feel. Haggai told us to consider our ways (Haggai 1:5-9). This is also the year of the Fire of the Holy Spirit; we can be a spark, a firebrand, and / or a flaming arrow.

 Biblical Names associated with Zayin  - may we gain insight from their lives

  • Zechariah = Jehovah remembers

  • Zerubbabel (plumb line)


Read: Ps. 110:1-7; Zec. 4:6-10; Zec. 7:8-14 & Is 60:1-2

Take Action:

  • Ponder Psalms 110 - Are you ruling in the midst of your enemies? Ask Holy Spirit to give you a greater understanding of this passage.

  • Take up the plumb line (Word of God) Speak to the mountains see them become a plain before you!

  • The 7-fold Spirit of God is our portion; it’s not by our might but by His power things shift and change!

  • Dispense true justice and practice kindness and compassion each to his brother…make this your aim!

  • Arise, Shine! Release the glory of the Lord wherever you GO!

Declare: The Word of the Lord is ever upon my lips being empowered by the Holy Spirit I rule in the midst of my enemies by dispensing true justice, kindness and compassion to those who oppose me

Choose Life! Choose To Walk In God’s Ways! Choose To Be A Radical Firebrand – A flaming Arrow in The Hand of the Lord! Shine In The Midst Of A Dark World!