Day 3 - Revelation by the Numbers!

What is God Saying?

Gaining Insight Through Numbers…

Each year I seek the Lord for a prophetic word / message for the Body of Christ. As I sought the Lord this year 10 key principles were given.

The Spirit said this will be a year of the sword, breakthrough, divine reversal's, a time to shine forth. This year the vav is crowned with authority. It’s a year of the 7-fold Spirit of God. He said Firebrands/Fire of Holy Spirit will be released.  He expressly made me aware that the Body of Christ must come into an understanding of the mo'ed times of the Lord. He said the way to overcome would be through radical praise (Judah the apostolic war tribe is vitally needed to shift atmospheres) and last but not least the Lord said this will be a year of reformation. The Spirit’s exact words were ‘from our house to the White House’ reformation is in the land.

Over the next 7 weeks we will examine these 10 principles. We will look to see what the Spirit is speaking and how we can align with His words so we may prosper in this hour.

.Mt 13:11  Jesus answered them, "To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been granted.

Often the Spirit will instruct me to look up the meaning of the numbers associated with the year. The meanings are a message to us…may we all understand the mysteries of the Kingdom in greater measure in this season.

 2017 the year of… Gaining Insight through the Numbers

  • 2000 represents a season of crossing over to obtain your promise land, your destiny, your place in the kingdom of God.
  • 10 represents law, government, restoration, order, trial, testings (wilderness journey) and responsibility.
  • 17 represents victory, perfection of spiritual order, election, angelic appearances, and to walk with God.
  • 7 represents oath / covenant. In Hebrew seven is represented by the word Zayin, a vav crowned (with authority). Seven also represents completeness, rest, divine perfection, fullness.

We are in a crossing over season the opportunity is available for us to enter into our promised land. Trials and testings will be at every turn but as we embrace the Law of God (Torah) we can be restored. We must take responsibility for last season’s actions and finished what’s undone or fix what was broken.

God used the election of 2016 / 5777 to position America and the Church for Victory. The government of God, and the government of men are being weighed – God’s divine order will be set in place either with or without us!

It’s a year to walk with the Lord during His (mo’ed – appointed times), no longer can we afford to be straddling  the fence when it comes to God’s divine order / calendar. The angelic host are poised to help us make the transition. This is a covenant year, a year to complete things we started in last season, a year of rest (not inactivity). As we yield ourselves to Him, obey His voice, we will come into a new level of fullness in our life.


Read: Deut. 9:1-3; Gen. 21:28-33; Zep. 3:17 & 2 Cor. 2:14

Take Action: It’s Time To Cross Over!

  • Are you stuck afraid to make the necessary changes to move forward?If so, repent! Take responsibility write down what changes need to be made.  DO THEM & MOVE FORWARD!
  • Ask Holy Spirit to aid you in crossing over! There are giants and testing’s in the new land but don’t fear, God is well able to empower you to defeat them all!
  • Ask the Lord where you are to be aligned this year? What tribe are you to be in covenant with ? Proper alignment empowers us to fulfill all that has been destined for us.

Declare: I choose to CROSS OVER into the new things God has for me! Victory and Triumph are my portion!