Day 2 - Season Of An Open Heaven

The Feast of Weeks is known as a period of an open heaven. So, what can we expect when the heavens are open?

Here are a few definitions from Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Open: having no enclosing or confining barrier; completely free from concealment; having clarity and resonance unimpaired by undue tension or constriction; characterized by ready accessibility and usually generous attitude and accessible to the influx of new factors.

Heavens: an open state of everlasting communion with God.

Lord, we cry out! Rend the Heavens and come down over us, our homes, our cities and our nation. (Is. 64:1)

Ps 18:9He bowed the heavens also, and came down With thick darkness under His feet.

Ps144:5Bow Your heavens, O LORD, and come down; Touch the mountains, that they may smoke.

Open Heavens Bring

  1. Open storehouses: abundant provisions and the ability to give to others (Deut. 28:12)
  2. Rain in the natural and spirit. (Deut. 28:12)
  3. New wine (Deut. 33:28)
  4. Dew: purity, freshness the power to refresh (Deut. 33:28)
  5. Revelation: dreams, visions, seeing the throne room. (Ez. 1:1; Mt.3:16)
  6. Angelic host ascending and descending (John. 1:51)
  7. God’s affirmation… this is my beloved son or daughter in whom I am welled pleased.(Mt. 3:17)

"The LORD will open for you His good storehouse, the heavens, to give rain to your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hand; and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow. His heavens also will drop down dew upon you and the clouds will pour down righteousness, salvation will bear fruit.

In these open heaven days you will see visions and the Spirit of God will come upon you. You will see the angels of God ascending and descending – they stand at the ready, as you release the Word of God from your lips they will go forth to do His Word. As you wait under the open heavens, sitting at the feet of the Lord you will hear a word in your ear saying this is the way walk in it. As the heavens open over you the voice of the Good Shepherd will say, My beloved daughter / son I am well pleased with your surrendered heart enter into the rest of the Lord.

The opposite of an open heaven is a closed heaven what closes the heavens over us?

  1. Sin (2 Chr. 6:27; 2 Chr. 7:13)
  2. Withholding our tithes and offerings (Mal. 3:10)

When the heavens are shut up due to sin and the withholding of our finances as we repent (turn, have a change of mind and do the opposite) then the Lord will hear from heaven and open the windows of heaven over us and pour out a blessing we cannot contain.


Read: Take time to read the scripture references above

Take Action: Give thanks to the Lord for His presence – His open heaven!

  • Worship Him!  Declare His Goodness!
  • Repent if you have withheld the tithe and offerings the Lord has ask of you. Determine to obey!

Declare: The heavens are open, my eyes and ears are open revelation and His presence are upon my life, my family, my city, and upon this nation.

Standing Under An Open Heaven