Awaken My Love, Come Out To Meet Me!

It's Breakthrough Tuesday!

In this biblical month of Elul, when the king is in the field...Jesus is awaiting us! He is waiting for us to come out and approach Him.

This morning the Lord gave three scriptures for us: Song of Solomon 2:10, 13; Psalms 30:10-12; Isaiah 43:18-19

S of S 2:10, 13...He is calling out to his people, come away with Me – rise up My love in this hour the winter season of (disappointments, pain and sorrow)  has past.

Come out and meet me let Me refresh and strengthen you for the new season.

Ps. 30:10-12... I will/I have turned your mourning into dancing. I have / I will put off your sackcloth of mourning and clothe you with gladness in this season.

Is. 43:18-19... do not dwell on past issues but see I am doing new things. I am even making a path through your wilderness place and causing new rivers of life to spring up and flow. ..NOW it is springing up!


Let the sound of the shofar awaken you, let it wash over you and stir you to new life.