Day 46 - Enter Your Promise Land!

Day 46 – Enter Your Promise Land!

Week 7 - Season of Rebuilding

Rebuild: to build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed; to make important improvements or changes in (something).

Read Isaiah 61...this is the year of the Lord's favor!

The Spirit highlighted six specific things for 2016…

# 3. A Jubilee Year…70th Jubilee Since Joshua.  A Time To Enter Our Promise Land!

Ayin is the number 70. In Hebrew numbers have pictures and meanings. Along with the Ayin meaning seventy also represents coming out of captivity.

Read the scriptures and declare each Jubilee principle over your life, your family, your business or job, your church / ministry, your finances, your health.

- Season of release Lev 25:8-13

- Season of returning to inheritance: Ex. 3:8 & Gal. 3:18 (AMP)

Joshua entered the Promised Land 70 jubilees ago. The number 70 signifies perfect spiritual order carried out with all power. It is a season of returning to inheritance by divine power and authority as was manifest amongst the children of Israel when they returned to the Promised Land.

- Season of restoration of what was stolen: Joel 3:1 (AMP)

Prophesy that it is a season of restoration of what was stolen, plundered, in terms of authority, territory, wealth, human and natural resources, even of legal captives;

- Season of favor: Prophesy Isaiah 61.1-2

- Season of the vengeance of our LORD. Deut. 32:35

- Season of restitution: Proverbs 6:31

- Season of rebuilding: Proclaim Ps 122 over Israel

Declare: In this Year of Jubilee – Restoration is my portion for every area of my life [spirit, soul, body, finances, and relationships] everything that has been fragmented or scattered can become whole as I surrender to the healing work of the Holy Spirit.

Thank the Lord for all he is, has, and will do in your life during this year of Jubilee!

Rejoicing in God's Goodness!

Sharon Webster