Day 39 - The Almond Tree Has Blossomed!

Day 39 – The Almond Has Blossomed!

Hearing The Word Of The Lord

 Dear Hearers Of The Word,

We are in the week of restitution (making of amends for wrong or injury done) and the season of gaining fresh revelation. Chuck Pierce says of this time “The people were freed from Egypt so that they could receive the Torah. A major reason of this season is to show your desire for revelation from God to come alive in you. If you enter into this time of “counting the omer” you will press in to new revelation”. 

Amos 3:7-8Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord GOD has spoken! Who can but prophesy?

How’s your hearing, your spiritual hearing that is? Have you felt your ability to hear God has been blocked or stolen in this last season? Ask Father for restitution [repayment of the lost words, vision, direction etc.] CALL IT ALL BACK!

 In the Bible, we see that if harm came to someone or something was stolen, that God would command that the return be greater than what was plundered or robbed. Very rarely would the return be "one for one." Almost every single time, the return was ordered to be more than that--a double blessing, or four or five times greater (Exodus 22:1; 22:4; Leviticus 6:5, 22:14). And it didn't stop at that point! There was a "seven fold" principle in connection with restoration (and vengeance) as well. Proverbs 6:31b says, "Yet when he (the thief) is found, he must restore sevenfold.” [quote from online message by Todd Bentley]

What Is God Saying?

Prophetic Word / Teaching For 2016by Sharon Webster

As I sought the Lord on December 29th, 2015 I heard the Spirit say, look up words that rhyme with 16. When I looked them up four specific words stood out to me: Unseen, Evergreen, Philistine, and Tambourine.

Then the spirit said: “2016 will be a year where the unseen realm will seek to invade the earth. The demonic forces, especially those related to the Philistine and Jebusite the ‘ites’ spirits are seeking to wreak havoc in the world. But as we, the Ecclesia Vav heaven to earth the angelic host will invade the earth to battle these ‘ites’ spirits.

An Appeal To Heaven (evergreen = 'ever' 'green') referring to Psalms 1 & Jeremiah 17:7-8 anointing will be released. These victories will be with tambourines and dance (Is. 30:32). Demonstrative worship is key this year.

[A Sign has been given to the truth of this prophetic word: Dutch Sheets has been going around the nation holding Appeal to Heaven conferences]

The Lord also instructed me to look up the meaning of the Hebrew and Gregorian calendar numbers for the year.

We are in the year of Ayin Vav a time to see (have fresh vision), to watch and to partner with the Lord Sabboth the angelic host.

Ayin = to see (gain vision), watch, supernatural (angelic)

Vav = man, represented by Jael [See Judges 4-5]


2 = witness, testimony, union

20 = redemption, expectancy

1 = creation, sufficiency, beginning, wholeness, unity

6 = man, frailty

5776 Ayin Vav – A Jubilee Year!

5 = responsibility, grace

70 = restoration, perfect spiritual order

7 = foundation of God's word, completeness, rest, divine perfection, fullness

6 = man, frailty

Out of the meaning of the numbers the Lord spoke these things:

  • 2016 is going to be a year of the unseen realm invading earth (good and evil)  but the Ecclesia will be arisingwith expectancy and with a fresh ever-green appeal to heaven anointing (Trust & Sword of the Lord)  to Vav heaven to earth our weapons will be high praise – tambourines and dance; foolishness to the world but mighty in God.
  • We should look for new unions, expect the Lord to connect us with others as a witness of his love and unity
  • We can expect areas of our lives to be restored and redemption to come into our souls, finances, and relationships. The places in our lives that have felt scattered or fragmented can become whole as we surrender to the healing work of the Holy Spirit in our homes, ministries and personal lives.
  • Although this is a year of man (weakness, frailty, sinful flesh) as we submit to the Almighty our fleshly nature can/will be empowered by the Spirit to show forth the praises of the Lord in the earth.
  • It's a year to take responsibility for our actions of the past and for the future the Lord has set before us. Through grace = God's divine supernatural empowering presence in our lives we will be enabled to 'be' and to 'do' everything being ask of us.
  • We are in a year of restoration, and the year of the Sword (word of God) a time when things can be a completed in our live
  • In this year of completion - projects we have been working on should be completed by the second half of the year so we can fully engage and be unhindered from the past season...[the second of the year begins July 2 so Its not too late  to get your projects done – once you do a weight is lifted an you can move forward unencumbered.].
  • It’s a time of divine protection, perfection and fullness to come to our lives.
  • In the midst of all these things, we must remain at rest relying on the Holy Spirit to accomplish these things in and through us.
  • Our sufficiency is in Christ Jesus not in our own power or might but in the Might and Power of the Spirit the seven-fold spirit of God is also key this year!

Take Action

What has the Lord spoken to you? If it’s a word for the Body of Christ, find a safe place to share it.

Declare: In the season of Ayin – my ears [natural & spiritual] will be opened to hear and gain fresh insight all blockage of hearing must go! Fresh revelation is coming my way!

Declare: Restitution is coming to my house; all that was lost in this past season will be restored double, four-fold, or seven-fold the enemy must repay.

Declare: In this year of alignment - New connections for kingdom advancement are coming my way; these unions will be a witness of God’s love and unity for mankind.

Gaining A Fresh Wind Of The Spirit,

Sharon Webster