Day 15 - Mother's Day

Honor Your Father & Mother
You Will Have Long Life


This day is set aside to honor mothers; for those of you who are mother's I bless and honor you!

I want to encourage you to honor your mothers today, call them, kiss them [if they're near] tell them how much they mean to you.

Also, for those who are estranged from your mother [parents] I want to challenge you to make it right...there is noting to terrible between you that the love and forgiveness of our Savior can't fixed if you will let Him do His work.

Believe me, when your parents are gone you will regret not mending your relationships; My mother passed away thirteen years ago and she is missed every day.

Day 15 – May 8th / Mother’s Day

Read: Read Proverbs 31:28…rise up today and call your mother blessed!

Restoration…if you have a wonderful relationship with your mother thank the Lord and call her today tell her how much you love and appreciate all she has done for you. If, however your relationship with your mother is strained or non-existent pray for her, bless her, and ask the Holy Spirit to begin a restoration. Deal with any issues in your heart and make efforts to mend the relationship. If you are like me and your mother has passed away pray for the mothers in your life, thank the Lord for them and ask Holy Spirit to bless them!

Declare: I choose to bless and not curse my parents. I will allow Holy Spirit to work in me to mend whatever issues are in my heart so restoration can come!

Write a decree of divine restoration for your life; declare it!

Blessings upon you,