Day 17 - In Those Days & At That Time!

FOR BEHOLD, in those days and at that time when I shall reverse the captivity and restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem [Joel 3:1] 

In those days – what days? The latter days [days we are living in].

At that time – what time? After the outpouring of the Spirit [which took places at Pentecost].

In other words…THESE DAYS!

 God’s intent during this season of Jubilee is to bring restoration to every aspect of our lives.

We must understand though some of the things in our lives that are broken, held captive or shut up is due to our lack of stewardship, our disobedience [not heeding His Word], our robbing God, etc.

First and foremost to receive the restoration God is offering we must be willing to recognize our part in those things. Secondly, repent [change our minds and turn from it]. Third, cry out for restoration.

Look at yourself: Have you been a good steward of what has been entrusted to you; finances, property [home, cars, etc.], relationships? Acknowledge the areas where you have fallen short, repent [decide to change it].

Look at the enemy: How has the enemy stolen from you? Be specific [write it down]. Once you know how the enemy robbed you then you can call it ALL BACK!

Day 17 – May 10th / Finances

Read: Read Nehemiah 5:11 & Joel 3:1 [AMP]

Restoration… Ask Abba to reverse any financial captivity you find yourself in and to restore what has been lost whether houses, lands, jobs, cars, inheritance, etc. Also, ask Holy Spirit to reveal anything you can do so restoration can manifest in your finances.

Declare: My finances are being freed from captivity; restoration is coming to my financial state.

Write a decree of divine restoration for your finances; declare it!

God says, “in these days and at this time I will restore, I will bring you out of captivity, those things that you have lost [your destiny, family, inheritance, success, prosperity, will be endowed [empowered, enable and enriched] upon you.”

Embracing Restoration,

Sharon Webster