Day 8 - It's Time To Enter The Promise Land!

Week 2 – Season of Returning

Season of returning to inheritance: Joshua entered the Promised Land 70 jubilees ago. The number 70 signifies perfect spiritual order carried out with all power. It is a season of returning to inheritance by divine power and authority as was manifest amongst the children of Israel when they returned to the Promised Land.

From the very beginning God intended His people to inherit the land; land denotes more than a physical piece of property, it represents the Church, our spiritual inheritance and our relationship with the Lord.

What is our inheritance and what are we returning to?     

  • Genesis 15:7And He said to him (Abraham), I am the Lord, Who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldees to give you this land as an inheritance.
  • Exodus 3:8 So I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up      from that land to a good and large land, to a land flowing with milk and honey…
  • Exodus 15:17You will bring them in [to the land] and plant them on Your own mountain, the place, O Lord, You have made for Your dwelling, the sanctuary, O Lord, which Your hands have established.

Promise (land) is Freely Given

Galatians 3:18 [AMP] For if the inheritance [of the promise depends on observing] the Law [as these false teachers would like you to believe], it no longer [depends] on the promise; however, God gave it to Abraham [as a free gift solely] by virtue of His promise.

  •  Return: to come or go back to a place after leaving it, or come or go back to a former condition; to put, bring, send, or take something back to where it came from; to give a particular verdict in a court of law.
  • Inheritance: portion, birthright, heritage; something, as a quality, characteristic, or other immaterial possession.

 Week 2 – Season of Returning

Day 8 - May 1st / Personal (spiritual life)

Read: Psalms 16:5-6 & Acts 17:26

Reflect: This week is about returning…First, if you have drifted from your relationship with the Lord, determine to make the Lord your ultimate portion and delight. Second, do you know that God has assigned you an inheritance / a specific portion [lot] in life? Your inheritance includes where you are to live, work, what church or ministry you are called to align yourself with among other things. Ask the Lord where your inheritance or portion is in this season? If He is directing you to move, change jobs, churches etc. Ask Holy Spirit to empower you to shift and to open doors before you so you may walk into your destined inheritance.

Declare: In this season, I will find my inheritance / my portion. I will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to shift and make whatever adjustments are needed in order for me to walk in pleasant places.

Write a decree of divine reversal for your life; declare it every day this week!

May your days be filled with the sweet presence of the Lord.

May the Holy Spirit overshadow you this week and reveal fresh revelation to you!

May the Word become a hammer [vav] in your hand as you go forth and manifest the kingdom of God every place your feet touches.

Turning Into His Face,

Sharon Webster