No More Delay!


As I began to pray for today I heard the word 'stalemate' and knew that's where we [Webster's] have been over the last two a stalemate.

More than likely many of you have been there too!

What is a stalemate?

Stalemate: any situation making further action impossible; deadlock; to bring into a standstill.

You're in a catch22, delay, gridlock, or pause.

Therefore you need a BREAKTHROUGH...

Which is an act or instance of removing obstructions and restrictions, the overcoming of a stalemate.

When people or situations are at a stalemate no progress is taking place, no forward movement is are being delayed!

One of the prophetic promises this year is there will be NO MORE DELAYS in our prophetic promises being fulfilled.

More often than not when God speaks the enemy comes to stop the prophetic word from taking place.

We see this with Joseph in Psalms 105:19...until the time that his word came to pass the Word of the Lord tested him...his brothers, Pharaoh's wife, prison etc. etc. tried to stop him from fulfilling the dreams he had been given.

The enemy still tries to put us in a standstill, a place where we're not going backwards but we're not moving forward either - we are stalemated!

How do you break out of a stalemate?

Go into the courts of heaven / Throne of God

* Present your case before the Lord. Is. 41:21
* Hear & Silence the Accuser: People are in the place they are in because they have given the enemy ammunition
- Lk 22:31; Rev 12:10…hear the accusations then silence it by *Blood of Jesus *

What is the accusation the enemy is using against you?

* Repent of any wrong behaviors, actions or evil words you have spoken against yourself/your situation.

* Make your case by using the Word of God as a testimony for them
- Rev 12:11: Is 43:46 - put Me in remembrance

*Speak and prophesy from the courts into and over your situation.

Once you've taken these steps then DECLARE, No More Delay...Stalemate be removed...Jesus, my Breaker send forth your angels to remove every obstacle out of the way in my life, city, nation etc so BREAKTHROUGH can come!