Quarterly 12 Hour Prayer Watches Throughout California

Throughout 2019 we are facilitating 12HR. Prayer Watches throughout the state. Each quarter we are partnering with ministers / ministries to host a 12hr prayer watch from Friday 6:00 PM to Saturday 6:00 AM.

See our calendar page for the locations

Judah Arising Worship & Prayer Gatherings

We believe that God is restoring the Tabernacle of David a place of continual prayer and worship. Therefore we seek to become a dwelling place where the presence of God will be welcomed and the Spirit of God can move freely as we pray for ‘all nations’. The very heart of this ministry is prayer and worship. It is our desire to see the Church become the place where 24 / 7 prayer and worship can be lifted up before the Lord. Lev.6:13.

Jesus said that His house was to be called a ‘house of prayer’.  Matthew 21:12-16

We hold regular worship and prayer nights throughout the state of California. [Please see the calendar page for days and times].

We are also connected to several state and national prayer ministries - we give clarion calls of prayer for the state and nation as the Lord directs.

In our prayer efforts we are aligned with:


Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, Apostle John Benefiel

Sharon Webster and Audrey Pannier are the HAPN California apostolic state leaders.

Rosie Phillips is the apostolic overseer for the Western States region.

We also connect with the regional church and national prayer ministries for special 'Calls to Prayer'.