Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network is a national and international prayer movement coming out of the heart of America.

  • Our purpose is to see transformation come to the United States and the nations of the world. We have representatives in all 50 states and 67 nations. Dr. John Benefiel is the overseeing apostle.
  • Our mission, is to restore covenant with God, Man, and the Land.
  • Our Method, going out on the land to bless, cleanse and redeem it and the people from captivity so the Glory of God can invade the state.

We, Sharon Webster and Audrey Pannier are the apostolic leaders for the state of California.

We seek to connect with apostles, prophets and intercessor, to gather 10,000 prayer warriors, and equip an Ekklesia to legislate the heavens on behalf of the Lord.

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You may also contact with us via our email account at cahapn@gmail.com

As One,

Audrey Pannier & Sharon Webster

Audrey Pannier & Sharon Webster

Our Bios

Sharon Webster

Sharon Webster is an apostolic-prophetic leader who oversees Solid Rock Ministries / Cluster Kingdom Alliance network. Sharon and her husband Steven lead the ACTS Freedom Outpost in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Sharon has been an integral part of leading prayer in California since 1995. She was on the executive leadership team with CA HAPN and RPN since 2010. She has participated in HAPN & RPN prayer initiatives as well as in other prayer assignments over many years. She actively leads prayer and mentors intercessors on the Central Coast region of California.

Sharon’s mandate from the Lord is to: Ever, Equip, Mighty, NOW prophetic people who know their God and understand the times and seasons of their Lord.

She travels teaching and training in the areas of apostolic reform, intercession and the prophetic.  Her passion and life's phrase is "To know Christ, to be known by Him and to make Him known."

Audrey Pannier

Audrey Pannier is an apostolic and prophetic intercessor who has been an integral part of CA HAPN leadership since 2010. She has participated in HAPN prayer initiatives as well as in other prayer assignments over many years. She has also been involved in various leadership positions within her church and local ministries. Her prayer efforts have extended throughout California to assignments in other states, Canada and West Africa. She leads and mentors a group of prophetic intercessors in Turlock and is connected with other prayer ministries and churches in her area.

Audrey and her husband Tom have been married for 46 years and have lived in Turlock for 35 years. They are members of the Salt and Light Council in their region. They have two married sons and six granddaughters. Before becoming so immersed in HAPN Audrey was a retired Speech and Language Pathologist with a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders. Now she devotes her diagnostic and report writing skills to the research aspect of the prayer network.

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