Join us for 50 days of seeking the Lord - Rend the Heavens - It’s Time for Another Great Awakening!

Passover / Feast of Unleavened Bread 20-27 and the feast of weeks begins april 21 - June 8th.

Passover / Feast of Unleavened Bread 20-27 and the feast of weeks begins april 21 - June 8th.

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Season of Open Doors

Prophesied by Pat Sparrow

I’m pouring out the Lord says,  not only My Spirit but also My vision and you’ll be calling these days / this season will be known has the Season Of Open Doors.  For surely I’m opening doors says your God, I’m opening doors before you I’m giving you opportunity to go through to higher places. The Lord says it is very important that you go through the doors that open before you for surely you will be preparing the way for the next move, the upcoming generation, for the leaders that are going to be coming up behind you. It’s not a day to be slack, it’s not a day to miss the open door, it’s not a day of pulling back, it’s not a day of competing says your God. But it’s a day of encouraging one another for surely in the midst of you the Lord says in the midst of your conversation, in the midst of your fellowship there is going to be a burning of hearts. You’re going to know by the inner witness that this is the season of the open doors and the Lord says, I call you this day to be those who will help birth your brothers and your sisters through the open doors for if you will work together, if you will work together as one for My purposes I will command a blessing even in this place says your God and you will be those who will sit by an open well, you will be those who will be drawing water from the living river continually and you will never know drought, you’ll never know dryness, you will never know the things that are coming upon the earth. 

If you will steward My resources in this hour, if you will obey Me, if you will support one another and love one another and not compete says your God but seek the Kingdom of God and call for the purposes of God together you’ll raise up something that will be your sustenance in days and months and years ahead says your God and I will cause you to be a preserved people. I will cause you to be a glorious people. I will cause you to be that place of refuge that others shall come far and wide to come and sit at your feet and to drink and to partake of the provision that I put in your midst for I’m visiting this region says your God. And I put My foot here and I put My foot there, and I put My foot here and I’m causing people to rally in those places coming together in first fruits meetings to hear My voice, to seek My face but instructions are coming from the throne of the Most High God. I’m giving instruction, I’m calling for exploits in My name and I’m calling you to work together as team for even from this night forward you must have different eyes says your God, you must see each other differently from this night forward. You must begin to support and to pray and to encourage one another, when you come across each other you must encourage one another and say, Go Through The Open DoorsI’m praying for you brother, I’m praying for you sister—you must attain in this hour, you must accomplish what God is saying in this hour that we might be preserved, that we might be blessed, that we might have all we need in the days ahead. For the Lord says, these are daysthese are daysDo Not Say Tomorrow, these are days that you have My favor, these are days that you have My grace, these are days that I release faith unto you, these are days of the visitation of angels to allow you to accomplish those things you have been praying for, those things you have been seeing, those things you have been waiting upon These Are The Dayssays your God. Bless one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, seek one another’s prosperity, seek one another’s promotion, and in doing so the Lord says I will take you all higher. I will take you all to that place of blessingI will secure the future for you all says the Lord your God. 

Connect, Equip, Empower, Transform

Our aim is to expand the kingdom of God. We seek the transformation of the seven spheres of society by an invasion of the Holy Spirit and the life changing love of God. This transformation will only take place by believers who are ignited with the fire of the Spirit, imprinted with the character and love of Christ and committed to both prayer and action.

Judah Company Arising!

Judah is the apostolic war tribe that goes up first by using sound to overthrown the enemy.

“We need a new form of worship in territories that’s going to overturn high places. Until we get it and it’s established and we have a government that rules out of the presence of God in a territory, we cannot topple a territorial stronghold.” Quote from Chuck Pierce, Ekklesia Arising conference, September 2012


Sharon Webster along with Audrey Pannier are the California apostolic leaders for the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, a national prayer ministry located in Oklahoma City, OK.

Our mission is to restore covenant with God, man and the land.

Please see our CA HAPN  page for more information and to see how you can connect with us!

ACTS Freedom Outposts

2018 is a expansion year - we have new ACTS communities coming soon to a city near you!

ACTS stands for Apostolic Church Transforming Society...our mission is to raise up a company - an Ekklesia whose heart is to see the Kingdom of God come in fullness to the earth. HERE ON EARTH!

We seek to build a Kingdom Culture which includes:

  • Passionate Worship… Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD Psalms 150

  • Revelation / Word… Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint… Pro 29:18

  • Prayer… And He said to them, It has been written, "My house shall be called a house of prayer," but you have "made it a den of plunderers." Mt 21:13

  • Koinonia … [unity & community] They were continually devoting themselves to fellowship Acts 2:42

  • Action… but the people who know their God will display strength and take action. Dan. 11:32

  • Honor & Respect: Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another; Rom 12:10

  • Love is…patience and kind, never jealous, boastful, proud, love rejoices in truth. I Cor. 13

All of these cultures will be influenced by the Hebraic culture; returning to our biblical roots; seeking to follow the Early Church’s example in biblical application, life, motive, ministry activity and fruit bearing.


We Are Called To Be Those Who Understand Times & Seasons - the Father has embedded certain blessings within each month. So we seek to know what He is revealing to us during our monthly First-fruits gatherings [see calendar tab for the date of this gathering].

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